Coaching Environments

One-on-One Coaching

This program has been designed with a personal and individual approach. If you choose coaching by telephone you get your entire coaching session no matter where you are or what activities you're currently involved in. During all of your coaching sessions, your coach will probably ask you for more than you might ask of yourself. You will learn how to find and incorporate those day-to-day actions which will help you stay focused, clear and action-oriented. One-on-one coaching is designed to help you achieve the "big picture" you're working toward. This personalized approach usually begins with a one-hour coaching and goal-setting session, followed by two or three sessions per month. Sessions can be 30 to 60 minutes in length, and also includes unlimited e-mail and voice mail support.


Cybercoaching has also been designed with a personal and individual approach. However, in this case, it's conducted entirely by e-mail or real-time communication sessions via your computer. It too begins with a one-hour coaching and goal-setting session either by phone or computer, and offers you two convenient ways to participate in your coaching sessions.

Group or Team Coaching

This program provides coaching in a small like-minded group setting. Group or Team Coaching can be conducted entirely by phone and e-mail or in person. In this sharing group-supported environment, you'll experience the same quality coaching as with the other one-on-one programs. However, you also have the opportunity to share experiences and learn with others in similar situations. These sessions are customized in length to a specific group or team, and generally include e-mail and voice mail support.


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