Corporate Coaching, Consulting, and Training

Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching can be individual coaching, group coaching, or a combination of the two. Group coaching goes beyond just group facilitation. The strength in group coaching comes from not only being able to coach one person in front of others; but also makes it a learning opportunity for the entire team.

An example of group coaching might be coaching a team of 8-10 executives as a group. The agenda would include working on developing skills that the team members have as a common goal. For example: all team members may be interested in better people development skills. Each team member is coached and all members learn from each other.

Our coaches have experience in corporate coaching in a variety of industries both on site and by telephone.


There are many different types of consulting.

Our corporate and small business consultants are professionals who support companies and organizations in two different ways. The first is with expert advice in our particular areas of expertise. The second is in helping a company improve their overall business versus targeting a specific area. Our consultants think, analyze, brainstorm, cajole and challenge companies and organizations to become even better by adopting new ideas.

Our personal consultants offer expertise in a wide variety of areas. Specialties include: life balance, career counseling, relationships, parents of children with ADD, community building and simplifying your life.


Training seminars are designed to be highly interactive with small group exercises and plenty of audience participation.

Seminars are generally for groups of up to about 25-30 people and cover a wide variety of topics including:

Training seminars are generally 2 days, full day, or half day and laughter is a requirement!

We also offer "Train the Trainer" programs for your company, organization, and community!


To explore your possibilities of establishing a relationship with a corporate coach, consultant or trainer, contact us.

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