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Linda Manassee Buell is the owner of the company, Simplify Life. She also has additional coaches who are available as part of her company that provide specialized coaching services, consulting and training programs. Individual clients may choose to work with either Linda or whichever of her coaches best match their needs. For companies with larger coaching assignments and multiple executives to coach, Linda and her coaches often work together as a team.

Linda Manassee Buell, MCC, PMC
Parker, CO

Linda Manassee Buell is a Master Certified Coach, a Professional Mentor Coach and a Group Coaching Specialist. She is the founder and owner of Simplify Life, a professional lifestyle coaching company that helps people create the life they truly desire. Since 1996, Linda has personally coached thousands of people both individually and in groups across the United States, as well as in Europe, Russia the Middle East, Australia and Japan to help them start their own businesses, define their career desires, find life balance and simplify their lives.
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Val Williams, MCC
Edison, NJ

Val Williams, Master Certified Coach, is one of the top Executive Coaches and Consultants in the United States. She runs her own company: "Professional Coaching and Training, Inc." and has coached and consulted with hundreds of senior corporate executives and their teams in companies around the globe since 1994. Val specializes in helping senior corporate leaders develop and strengthen critical senior leadership skills; influence skills, vision development, strategic planning, team alignment, execution and people development. She provides consulting services, training seminars, team coaching, keynotes and management retreats to the organization-at-large, as well as individual executive coaching services.
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Jean Handley
Memphis, TN

Jean Handley is the founder and director of Turning Point Partners, a non-profit organization which promotes Restorative Justice, Mindful Communication and Community Building. She lives and believes that individuals, families, organizations and systems can be based upon the strengths and gifts of the individuals which contribute to a richer life and community and world. Jean is a coach, trainer, mediator, facilitator, and is currently specializing in working with victims of crime and trauma.
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Roula Mouhanna, MBA
Beruit, Lebanon

Roula Mouhanna is the founder and manager of Career Counseling and Coaching. She is a qualified consultant in the Birkman Method, a Licensed Facilitator for the Coaching Clinic®, and a small business and corporate coach. Roula is also fluent in Arabic, English, French, Italian, Spanish and German, and has a working knowledge in Chinese.
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